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Enalyzer makes it simple to know better

Born in a Copenhagen loft, Enalyzer was founded in 2000 by two brothers, Steen and Ole, and their friend Jakob, who wanted people to know better. Together, they were inspired by the need for an intuitive tool to collect and share real-time insights.

Today, we've converted that inspiration into reality by developing a survey web app that is versatile, user-friendly, attractive and by no means compromises on professionalism and functionality.We also built Enalyzer, so the same interface can be accessed on any device, anytime and anywhere - without downloading an app. Hence we provide fast, consistent and full accessibility all the time for our users and the people they interact with through our product.

Enalyzer has turned into a leading player, connecting thousands of happy customers with millions of respondents all over the globe.

"The process of Enalyzing is all about knowing better"

Our people

We have a global focus, and see the world as our home. With customers from all the corners of the world, we are strategically based in Copenhagen with local offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Enalyzer has an entrepreneurial spirit. We have the values of a start-up - high ceiling, open spaces, and foosball. We reside in Refshaleøen, a raw, creative, unpolished, and funky factory environment.

We are a team of ambitious people who are passionate about innovation, web apps, tech, usability, design, and research. We help our customers keep their fingers on the pulse, so they can make the best decisions.

Our investors

Enalyzer has since 2007 been listed on NASDAQ/OMX First North as a public company. For more information or interested in becoming an investor, please visit our investor relations section.

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