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Our plans are available in monthly and yearly billing.Enjoy the flexibility of canceling your plan at any time.

  • FREE


    No credit card needed

    Perfect for personal and academic surveys

    100 respondents
    Email support
    Unlimited surveys
    Unlimited questions
    100MB storage


    Only available with monthly subscription



    Price per month

    The choice for businesses with simple data collection and analysis needs

    500 respondents
    Email support
    Unlimited surveys
    Unlimited questions
    Unlimited reports
    1GB storage

  • PRO

    Save 2 months with an annual subscription




    Price per month

    Per month billed yearly

    Powerful feature set built with professionals in mind

    10.000 respondents
    Phone support
    Unlimited surveys
    Unlimited questions
    Unlimited reports
    5GB storage

  • PRO+

    Save 2 months with an annual subscription




    Price per month

    Per month billed yearly

    Preferred by professionals in need of higher volume

    50.000 respondents
    VIP support
    Unlimited surveys
    Unlimited questions
    Unlimited reports
    10GB storage

* price per user excluding VAT. You’ll be billed in EUR and are able to cancel anytime.

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Make an informed decision and remember that you can cancel anytime.


Monthly price per user


Please contact us for multi-user plans

€66 €79
€104 €125


Unlimited survey responses but restricted views for reports and raw data files


Customer support

Each upgrade gives you an additional support channel


File storage

File storage limit depends on your plan


All standard features

Unlimited surveys

No restrictions on the number of surveys you can create

Unlimited questions

Your surveys can have an unlimited number of questions

Unlimited reports

No restrictions on the number of reports you can create

Download raw data

Limited to the respondents included in your plan

Integrate with 750+ apps

Limits on daily Zapier tasks depending on your plan



Invite respondents automatically via SFTP

Bulk imports

Upload or copy/paste .csv files to import respondents and report readers in bulk.

Survey design

Align your survey design with your brand

Multiple report pages

Distribute your report charts over multiple pages

Account log

View activities on your account

Remove branding

Gain full brand control by removing the Enalyzer brand

Multiple language versions

Create surveys in multiple languages

Custom landing pages

Redirect respondents to your own website or another URL of your choice

Upload question types

Allow respondents to upload photos, images, and files to your survey

Net Promoter Score®

Use NPS questions and add NPS charts

Recommendation score

Use recommendation score questions and charts

Custom background variables

Use them to personalize surveys and filter reports


Schedule the entire survey process, including opening/closing, invitations, and reminders


Categorize respondents and get email notifications for matching responses

Data series

Benchmark by comparing different data segments

Time series charts

Use zoomable charts to follow trends and results over time

Open filters

Give report readers access to filter selections

Custom report variables

Create new versions of existing variables

Report color themes

Use color themes that reflect and convey your results


Collaborate with your team and keep all your work in one place. Invite up to 25 members as either readers or collaborators (paying users only).

FAQ - Single User Plans

Are there any attachments to the free plan?

No, there are no strings attached. Enalyzer is free forever. Plus, you can also terminate your FREE plan at any time and leave Enalyzer behind you.

How does the FREE plan work?

Sign up by registering with your email and a password, that’s it. FREE accounts are limited to selected features. You can always upgrade to access more features and respondents. Scroll up to learn more about our plans and what they include.

Where can I upgrade and downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade, downgrade and terminate your account whenever you want and it can all be done under your account settings.

How do I subscribe to a paid plan?

Upgrade to a paid plan by simply typing in your credit card details and accepting Enalyzer’s Terms of Use. We accept most major credit cards. The provided credit card will be automatically billed every month/year, depending on your plan. For multi-user and long-term (over 1 year) plans, invoicing is offered upon request.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can always cancel your subscription from your account settings. If you cancel a monthly plan, you’ll be able to access your account and its features for the remainder of the month for which you’ve already paid, but you will not be charged for the following month and onwards. The same principle goes for annual plans.

What happens if I upgrade from a BASIC plan to a PRO plan, while there is still time left on my BASIC plan?

You will be upgraded to the PRO plan immediately. When you upgrade, you will get a proportional deduction of the days remaining on your monthly BASIC plan.

What happens if I downgrade from a PRO plan to a BASIC plan?

You will have access to the PRO plan features and respondents until your subscription expires, which is when your plan will be converted to a BASIC plan and billed accordingly. Your surveys, reports, and data will remain stored in your account but some might not be accessible since the BASIC plan has fewer features and respondents. You can always upgrade to a PRO plan again and get full access to your data; it’ll be like you never left! Scroll up to see the difference between the BASIC and PRO plans.

What happens if I downgrade from a BASIC plan to a FREE plan?

Your surveys, reports, and data will remain stored in your account, but it might not be accessible due to the restriction of a FREE plan. The FREE plan has fewer features and available respondents. Scroll up to see the difference between the FREE and BASIC plans.

What happens if I want to terminate a FREE plan?

Enalyzer is free forever, however, you have the option to terminate your account. Your surveys, reports, and data will be deleted 14 days after termination. This gives you time to contact us and recover your account if you change your mind.

Are there any discounts or offers on Enalyzer plans?

The single user annual PRO plan gives you a 2 months discount, making it less expensive than the PRO monthly plan. We also offer volume discounts for multiple users within the same company. To hear more about multi-user plans and get a solution that fits your needs, please contact our sales department.

Does Enalyzer offer multi-user plans?

Yes, we have two: Team and Enterprise. We recommend the Team plan for 2-5 users, whereas the Enterprise plan is suitable for large organizations. We offer volume discounts and tailor-made services on both plans. To hear more about multi-user plans and get a solution that fits your needs, please contact us.

Is my data secure and safe?

Yes, we combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure that customer and business data is always protected. Take a look at the security measures we take to protect your business and your customers here.

What languages do you support?

The Enalyzer tool can be experienced by our users in 8 languages, English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, and French. Plus, we provide interview language on the respondents’ surveys in 50+ languages.

To get more answers to your questions, visit our

Help Center

Multi User Packages

The packages

The Enalyzer packages allow you to design the perfect combination of plans for your organization. Enalyzer packages give you volume discounts on whatever plans you choose to put together. Enalyzer has three packages, Team, Company and Corporation.

The Plans

Enalyzer has four plans, FREE, BASIC, PRO and PRO+ that differ in feature set, amount of respondents and access to support.

Individual 0 0 230 790 1250
Team 1250 0 125 300 550
Company 1850 0 70 200 350
Enterprise 3500 0 15 60 130

Yearly prices in EUR excluding VAT


Let's say you have a team of 6, where 3 need a BASIC, 2 PRO and 1 PRO+. Instead of purchasing single user plans, the cheapest solution would be a Team package that gives you discounted prices on the plans you need.

Enalyzer packages are billed yearly and you can add as many FREE plans as you want.


Team package
BASIC (3x125)
PRO (2x300)
PRO+ (1x550)

Multi user package benefits

Price and invoices

Our flexible pricing model gives volume discounts to your current and future team members. Furthermore, instead of juggling multiple invoices, with a multi user package, you can streamline the billing process with consolidated billing.


You will have a dedicated account manager that can coordinate training and other survey and reporting services you might need. They will inspire and share knowledge about usage and system integrations. They will also handle any questions you might have regarding contracts terms and data protection.


Create an organization, invite your team and centralize their data under one online roof to protect it from employee turnover. You can design the interface to match your brand and make the rest of your team feel at home. Please note that this demands at least one PRO+ account.


Collaborate with your team across accounts. Create a workspace, invite your team and start sharing your surveys and reports with each other.

FAQ - Multi user packages

What is the difference between the Enalyzer plans?

Click here and check out the difference in features, number of respondents, and support levels between our plans.

Can I only purchase yearly packages?

Yes, the team, company and enterprise packages are billed yearly. However, you can always purchase the single user plans and choose a monthly billing. Please keep in mind that single user plans are not subject to discount.

Can I add more plans to my package after signing the contract?

Yes, you can always add more plans to your package. The fee is yearly, however, if the time remaining on the package is shorter than 12 months, the price for the additional plan(s) will be deducted proportionally with the time remaining. For example, 6 months remaining on a package, implies a 50% discount on the users price. Contact us to add more plans.

Can I upgrade plans in my package whenever i want?

Yes, you simply pay the difference between the plan you want to upgrade to and your current plan.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, you simply pay the difference between the package you want to upgrade to and your current package. Once purchased, we upgrade your package immediately, regardless of the remaining time on your previous package.

Can I downgrade or cancel my package and plans?

Yes, but please be aware that you need to contact your account manager 3 months before your contract expires. Canceling means that your Enalyzer services run until the end of the contract period, whereas, downgrading means your existing services continue until the end of the contract period and are hereafter renewed with the new package corresponding plans.

How do I add FREE plans?

Just have them sign up to a FREE account. To collaborate with them on surveys and reports or keep all your data in one place, simply invite them to a workspace or an organization.

Can I upgrade a FREE plan to a paid plan in my package?

Yes, simply contact us and we will upgrade them and send you an invoice with the additional amount.

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