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Safety first

At Enalyzer we do our utmost to keep our customers data safe and our web-based survey systems accessible at any time. Therefore we have engaged with Microsoft Azure, whose cloud infrastructure supports over 1 billion customers across enterprise and consumer services in 140 countries and is backed by Microsoft's $15 billion (USD) investment in global datacenter infrastructure. Hence as an Enalyzer customer, you get what you should expect from a high-end web app provider. Top system performance, availability and security, which has the best practice levels within the industry.In the following sections, we highlight our security’s main points. Nevertheless, since we are completely transparent, you can dig deeper and learn more about our security measures by following the relevant links for more information. Steen Ødegaard, CTO Enalyzer

Platform security

Data centers

Enalyzer is hosted at two separate datacenters in the Netherlands and Ireland, with real time replication of data between the two. Uptime is guaranteed at 99,9 %. These datacenters comply with industry standards, such as ISO 27001, for physical security and availability. Each facility is designed to run 24x7x365 and employs various measures to help protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion, and network outages

Network Protection

Azure networking provides the infrastructure necessary to securely connect virtual servers to one another and to connect on-site datacenters with Azure servers. Azure blocks unauthorized traffic to and within the datacenters by using a variety of technologies such as firewalls, partitioned local area networks, and the physical separation of back-end servers from public-facing interfaces.

Data Protection

Enalyzer encrypts data and safeguards customer data. Enalyzer encrypts data in storage and in transit to align with best practices for protecting confidentiality and data integrity. In order to protect customers against online threats, the platform uses Antimalware for cloud services and virtual machines, and uses detection and mitigation techniques to protect against DDoS attacks.

Monitoring and access management

Centralized monitoring and analysis systems provides continuous visibility and timely alerts to the teams that manage the service. There are rigid controls that restrict access to Azure by Microsoft employees. Accordingly, Enalyzer also has strict internal procedures describing whom from Enalyzer, and when the Azure platform, can be accessed.

Penetration testing

Microsoft undertakes regular penetration testing to improve Azure security controls and processes.

Product security

Login safety

Enalyzer systems are delivered as SaaS systems and can be accessed through any modern web browser.All users have separate usernames and passwords. Multiple failed sign in attempts to the same account results in a temporary lock out, which is automatically reactivated after 5 minutes. Simultaneously, the account user will be informed by email about the failed sign in attempts. Multiple failed login attempts from the same IP Address, enhances the security process by using Captcha security technology.


All sign in and password information to the application is encrypted. Passwords are stored as hash values.All data sessions between the user and Enalyzer, within the application, is encrypted. Data collected from respondents is by default encrypted. Communication to the application from Enalyzer system administrators and developers are encrypted using VPN, and the communication to the Azure servers is only available from the Enalyzer office.


On the servers, logging is done on all internet traffic. All operations can be identified by a security token,that can be traced back to the individual user. For applications, Logging is done on all critical operations. Each log contains information about who did what and when. The log is available to the systems administrative users.


The Enalyzer support team can only access an Enalyzer user account if the user has granted them access. Find more information about security

Privacy protection

Our commitment to the privacy of our customer data is backed by Microsoft’s adoption of the world’s first international code of practice for cloud privacy, ISO/IEC 27018. The British Standards Institute has independently verified that Azure is aligned with the ISO 27018 code of practice for the protection of personally identifiable information in the public cloud. Data is stored in the EU (Netherlands and Ireland) and Microsoft, has undertaken contractual privacy commitments that help assure that privacy protections in the Azure platform are strong. Among the many commitments supported are:
  • - EU Model Clauses. EU data protection law regulates the transfer of EU customer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area. Europe’s privacy regulators have determined that the contractual privacy protection Azure delivers meet current EU standards for international transfers of data.
  • - ISO/IEC 27018, which was developed to establish a uniform, international approach to protecting the privacy of personal data, stored in the cloud.
  • - Enalyzer’s own privacy policy also describes actions taken towards safeguarding privacy.
Find more information about privacy protection


Our platform meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards including Australia CCSL, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. Rigorous third-party audits, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate. As part of our commitment to transparency, you can verify our implementation of many security controls by requesting audit results from the certifying third parties, or through your Enalyzer account representative. Find more information about compliance


Enalyzer is an online service used by survey creators, to create surveys and reports. We strive to safeguard the privacy of both survey creators and their respondents. In the following sections, we have broken down Enalyzer’s privacy policy for you to see what we do to protect your privacy.

Privacy Policy

Enalyzer Customers

You own your survey data. You are the rightful owner of your survey data. Subsequently, email addresses and other information on your respondents, used in surveys, are also yours. Enalyzer is a tool for you to use. We do not, under any circumstances, sell your information to anyone - ever! Your survey data is only being processed and managed according to your actions in Enalyzer.

We safeguard your data. Your data is physically stored in the EU (Netherlands and Ireland), by Microsoft Azure. They provide some of the most secure facilities on this planet to protect your data and comply with International regulations. Read more about our security.

Survey Respondents

Enalyzer is a web app for survey creators. We host a survey platform but have no influence on the surveys made, their distribution, and analyses that are done. Enalyzer’s customers have complete control and administration rights over their surveys. Therefore, if you, as a respondent, have any questions related to your survey, please contact the person or organization that invited you to participate in the survey.

Are anonymous responses anonymous? Enalyzer provides customers with different options to collect information about their respondents. Typically, the survey’s degree of anonymity is communicated to respondents in the survey invitation, or in the survey itself. Contact the person or organization that invited you to their survey for specific information about the survey.

Does Enalyzer sell respondent data to third parties? No. Never! We solely provide the survey platform to our customers.

Additional privacy Information for Enalyzer customers

What information do we collect and what we do with it?

In general, we use the information given from you directly or collected indirectly, when you use our web app or visit our website, for various purposes such as, giving you access to our application, letting customer support handle your request, analyzing usage to improve the application, sending you emails about new features, and to prevent illegal activities. More specifically, we gather the following information:

Registration information.
When you sign up for an Enalyzer account, we register your username, password, and email. You may also request support through our ticketing system via your email. We get this information in order for you to use our application.

Billing. When providing us with your credit card details Enalyzer is not storing your data directly but have partnered up with an international well-reputed vendor, Braintree (Pay Pal) that facilitates and handles security about your privacy, regarding your online payments.

Your survey content. All information you upload to Enalyzer related to your survey creation, distribution, and analysis is yours. We do not, under any circumstances, sell or pass them on to any third party. Survey content would typically be logos, email addresses, respondent data and reports made.

Other Data. To improve our services to our users, we collect, as almost any other service on the Internet, usage data like web pages visited, what you click on, cookies, device used, IP address, browser, and so forth. That goes for any navigation on our web page and our web application. We use third-party tracking services to provide us this data.

Marketing purposes. We will only contact you if have consented to it. You can always regret and opt out from our communication to you. As stated above we do not sell or share your information, unless we are forced to meet legal requirements like court orders or valid subpoenas.

How do we safeguard your information and how long do we store it?
Your information is stored and protected by the measures set up by our hosting partner. We also use data encrypting and have rigid internal procedures handling it. You can read more about Enalyzer’s security here. We keep your data for as long as you have an active service agreement with us. Deleting data will not necessarily permanently delete survey data immediately. As long as you maintain an account with us, we keep your data for a limited time in case you delete something by accident and need to restore it. We also keep a back up of your data for 1 month after the termination of your account, in case you regret it. Hereafter, data is deleted permanently. In case you want an immediate deletion, please contact us, and we will do it.


Personal data is not disclosed to any third party and Enalyzer is compliant with EU law to the protection of your personal information. Please read more here about how we comply.

Your rights to your information

You will always be able to exert your right to access, modify, cancel and oppose the processing of your personal data. You can always contact Enalyzer in regards to this matter.

Effective date and modifications

Thanks for taking your time to learn about Enalyzer’s privacy policy and thank you for trusting us with your data. This privacy policy is effective by 1 February 2016. If there are any changes, we will post them on our website and our users will be properly informed. If you have any questions related to this policy, please contact us at:

Privacy team
Refshalevej 147
1432 Copenhagen

Spam Policy

You must use Enalyzer in accordance with Enalyzer’s current terms and conditions. If your usage of Enalyzer violates the terms and conditions, Enalyzer may issue a warning, suspend or terminate your account. Please note, that Enalyzer can change their terms and conditions at any time and it is your responsibility to stay updated and adhere to these.

Enalyzer has a zero-tolerance policy towards spam. This means, that all email recipients must have opted to receive messages from the sender, i.e. you. Users, who send unsolicited emails may be terminated.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the emails you send out in connection with your surveys are not marked as spam or have a higher refusal rate than the industry standard. If Enalyzer determines that your level of spam reports or your refusal rate is higher than the industry standard, Enalyzer has the sole discretion to suspend or terminate your usage of their website and services. If you have low response rates, high misuse rates or high spam rates, Enalyzer may request further information regarding your mailing lists to investigate and try to solve the issue or, in some cases, suspend or take away email privileges from your account.

Emails that you send via Enalyzer must have a valid reply-to address, which is owned or controlled by you.

You may only use Enalyzer to send emails to recipients who have given their explicit consent, or to those whose email addresses you have because of their relationship with you as a supplier, client or employee.

Enalyzer forbids the use of email address harvesting. Enalyzer will terminate accounts that violate this prohibition.

Enalyzer forbids the use of third-party purchased or rented mailing lists unless you are able to document that the people on the list have opted to receive emails of the type you are going to send them.

You must not send emails to newsgroups, internet forums, distribution lists or email addresses you have obtained without permission.

You must not use Enalyzer to send emails with misleading subject lines, fake or misleading subject lines and headlines.

Terms of Use

Welcome to Enalyzer, operated by Enalyzer Software A/S, Refshalevej 147, 1432 Copenhagen K, Denmark ("Enalyzer").

Please read the following Terms of Use carefully, as it contains the legal terms and conditions that you have agreed to when you access or use Enalyzer services as described in Clause 2 (hereinafter the "Service"). In addition to the Free and paid  subscription Agreement, Enalyzer’s Security and Privacy Policy, available at Enalyzer website, shall apply. If you are acting on behalf of someone else, such as a business entity, a company etc., you agree that you are authorized to enter into this Free or paid Subscription Agreement (hereinafter the "Subscription”). The legal entity entering into the Subscription is you, yourself or the entity you have stated in the Acceptance Form (hereinafter the "Customer"). If you are a consumer, you are hereby informed that since the Service consists of a digital service only, you do not have a right to withdraw your Subscription before the end of a Subscription Period, after you have started to use the Service.

The use of the Service is limited to the specific persons stated in the Acceptance Form (hereinafter "User" or "Users"). Each User will have a unique and personal license to access the Service. An individual user name and password per User will be allotted. User names and passwords may not be transferred to any other person without the acceptance of Enalyzer.

1.    Commencement, term and termination

1. The Subscription takes effect upon the acceptance by, or behalf of, the Customer as described in the Acceptance Form, and payment, as described that same place.
2. The Subscription shall be valid for a period chosen in the Acceptance Form (the "Subscription Period").
3. After the end of any paid Subscription Period, the Subscription continues on the same terms for a new Subscription Period, of the same length as the preceding Subscription Period, unless terminated by the Customer prior to the end of the current Subscription Period, by logging in and unsubscribing on the account settings of the Enalyzer webpage, or unless terminated before the end of the current Subscription Period, by Enalyzer by email to the Customer. If not terminated prior to the end of a Subscription Period, the Subscription will continue for a new Subscription Period, consecutively, and if payment for the preceding Subscription Period has been made by credit card, payment will be automatically credited from the credit card account used by the Customer for the preceding payment. The Customer hereby expressly accepts such automatic payment.
4. A free subscription does not terminate until terminated by the user or by Enalyzer. 
5. Terminated paid subscriptions are automatically downgraded to the limited free subscription service, from where the use of the service can be fully terminated.

2.    The Service

1. Enalyzer provides a survey solution consisting of software developed by Enalyzer and an online access to a number of servers operated by, or on behalf of, Enalyzer in the EU (the "Service").
2. The Service may include support and/or education services, either offered for free or through a separate agreement.
3. The Service is a standard Service and Enalyzer does not guarantee that they meet the Customer’s particular requirements, nor that use of the Service will lead to specific results for the Customer.
4. Enalyzer supports the most common browsers, in their most recent versions. Enalyzer’s platform is continuously updated to support new browsers, and new versions of existing browsers, as they become common in the market.

3.    Registration

1. The Customer complies to give complete and accurate information, when creating a User access to the Service. Enalyzer shall without undue delay be informed of any changes in this information.
2. The Customer shall ensure the secure and confidential storage of User name and password for the Service. Should the Customer become aware that the user name or password is abused, or should any other unauthorized use of the Service take place, the Customer shall inform Enalyzer hereof immediately.
3. If Enalyzer has probable cause to suspect any abuse of the Service or missing Subscriptions, Enalyzer shall inform the Customer and take the necessary measures, including denial of access to the Service.

4.    Enalyzer’s obligations

1. The terms in clauses 4.2 – 4.12 shall apply to the Customer's use of the Service. The Customer's use of the Service will imply that Enalyzer will be processing data, including personal information, belonging to the Customer. Consequently, this Subscription will constitute a Data Processing Agreement between Enalyzer and the Customer, with Enalyzer as the Data Processor and the Customer as the Data Controller.
2. Enalyzer shall store the Customer's data in a secure manner and shall not disclose such data without the written consent of the Customer.
3. Enalyzer shall provide a secure technical platform, which shall be constantly monitored and maintained by a reputable hosting supplier, cf. Enalyzer’s Security and Privacy Policy.
4. Enalyzer uses a third party cloud-platform for the hosting. The service provider of the cloud-platform is thereby a sub-data processor.
5. When entering into the Subscription Agreement, the Costumer gives Enalyzer authority to enter into a sub-data processing agreement on behalf of the Costumer with the service provider of the cloud-platform, provided that the sub-data processor maintains a security level equal to or better than Enalyzer’s, cf. Enalyzer’s Security and Privacy Policy. The sub-data processor may not be domiciled in Denmark, but within the EU. In some situations the Customer’s data may be transferred for third countries (i.e. outside the EU) in accordance with the model contracts established by the EU commission. The Costumer can receive more information regarding the sub-data provider by contacting Enalyzer. 
6. Enalyzer shall use and process the Customer's data according to the Customer's instructions only, with the exceptions stated in Clause 4.
7. Enalyzer shall store the Customer’s data for a maximum of three months following the expiry of the last Subscription Period. Enalyzer shall give the Customer 30 days’ notice by email prior to any deletion of data, in order for the Customer to avoid unwanted deletion.
8. In case of system failure Enalyzer shall, as quickly as possible, initiate a restart of the Service. Enalyzer cannot be held liable for any loss, directly or indirectly attributable to a system failure, unless this failure is due to willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Enalyzer.
9. Enalyzer acknowledges that data is collected on behalf of the Customer and that the rights to this data belong to the Customer. However, Enalyzer reserves the right to analyze the Customer’s use of the Service in order to improve the Service.
10. Enalyzer has initiated adequate security measures in order to ensure that the Customer’s data, processed in Enalyzer’s and the sub-data provider’s IT systems, is not destroyed, impaired, brought to the knowledge of unauthorized persons or otherwise abused. Enalyzer is registered with the Danish Data Protection Agency as a computer service agency.
11. Enalyzer endeavors to ensure that the Service is run as securely and stably as possible in accordance with good IT practice. However, Enalyzer does not guarantee faultless functionality, including that the Service is protected against hacker attacks, or other unauthorized access to the Service, i.e. in the form of forced entry into the IT systems on which the Service is based. This being said, Enalyzer has designed the Service in accordance with good, professional practice for the purpose of resisting hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access, so that the Service is at all times operational and accessible to the Customer or respondents, and that specific transactions may at all times, or at any given time, be initiated and/or carried out on the Service.
12. Enalyzer is entitled to shut off access to the Service completely, or in part, due to security or operational reasons. If reasonably possible, Enalyzer shall prior hereto give the Customer an adequate notice.

5.    The obligations of the Customer

1. The Customer complies to use the Service in accordance with the guidelines provided by Enalyzer at any time, including this Subscription Agreement. The Customer shall not attempt to break into the underlying database or any other system resources. Equally, the Service must not be used in any way, which can be said to be detrimental to Enalyzer or any third party, and consequently must not be used for purposes, as for instance spamming.
2. The Customer guarantees Enalyzer that the Customer’s use of the Service is lawful in respect of all applicable legislation in any country where the Service is used, including in compliance with the any Marketing Practices Act and any Data Protection Act. The Customer is solely liable to respondents and third parties for any claims resulting from the Customer’s use of the Service.

6.    Prices and payment

1. All price information is stated in the Acceptance Form and in the indicated currency with VAT and other taxes. Invoicing will include Danish VAT of 25%.
2. Enalyzer can adjust the prices on the Service to take effect from a new Subscription Period, with a written notice to the Customer minimum 30 days prior to the commencement of a new Subscription Period.

7.    Intellectual Property Rights

1. The Customer holds all rights to own data, including data on the Customer’s employees or customers and any related analysis.
2. Enalyzer holds all rights to the Service and its individual components, including name, logo, programming, databases, catalogues, design, graphics and texts, unless such material originally belongs to the Customer. This also applies to all other material given to the Customer.
3. The Customer shall not, without a written agreement with Enalyzer, use the Service or any other material to which Enalyzer holds the rights. However, the Customer acquires the right of use to graphic elements and text, resulting from analysis carried out on behalf of the Customer.
4. The Customer’s License to the Service and any other material, to which the Customer acquires the right of use or copyright, is conditional upon the Customer’s payment of the remuneration agreed upon.
5. Each party shall indemnify the other party for any loss occurred due to claims from a third party that information, design, specifications, software, data and other entities, delivered by the party in question infringes third party rights.

8.    Damages

1. The parties are liable in damages in accordance with the general rules of Danish law.
2. However, Enalyzer is not liable for indirect loss, including loss of data. Thus, Enalyzer is i.e. not liable for any acts carried out on the basis of analysis prepared by way of the Service.
3. Enalyzer’s liability in damages under this Agreement is limited to the amount paid to Enalyzer by the Customer, under the Agreement for a period of 12 months prior to the accrual of the claim.

9.    Force majeure

1. The parties are in no case liable for the performance of agreements to which these terms of business apply, if the failure to perform is due to force majeure. Force majeure shall mean situations such as strike, lockout, rebellion, acts of war, disease epidemics, natural disasters and fire, outside the Parties control and which the Parties, when signing the Agreement, neither could foresee, nor ought to have avoided or overcome.

10.  Confidentiality

1. Each party undertakes to keep know-how, business secrets, personal and customer information or other confidential information, confidential.
2. The duty of confidentiality does not apply to information, which was available to the public at the time of disclosure, or if the other party can prove that the party receiving such information was already familiar with the information when receiving it, or if the information in question was otherwise lawfully available to the recipient at this point in time.
3.    Each party undertakes, in respect of the other party, to impose a similar duty of confidentiality on employees and sub-suppliers.

11.  Breach

1. No refund shall take place in case of termination on the part of the Customer.
2. The Subscription can be cancelled immediately in case of the material breach on the part of the other party, which has not been remedied within the expiry of a written notice of thirty days from the party in breach. Material breach occurs if: a) the Customer uses the Service contrary to their purpose, b) the Customer unlawfully copies trademarks, software or other items belonging to Enalyzer, c) the Customer disregards the obligations provided by clause 5 of the Subscription.
3. In case of cancellation due to the Customer’s material breach any prepaid amounts are not refunded. In case of cancellation due to material breach on the part of Enalyzer, or if the Agreement is terminated by Enalyzer, any prepayments in respect of the actual Subscription Period will be refunded on a pro rata basis. Beyond this, the Customer is not entitled to any refunds in connection with cancellation.
4. If the Customer wishes to object to a defect in the Service, this must take place without undue delay and one week at the latest following the occurrence of the defect.
5. Enalyzer cannot be held liable for any defects in the Service to which the Customer has not objected six months at the latest after the Service being delivered to the Customer.

12.  Assignment

1. The Customer is not entitled to assign its rights or obligations under the Subscription to any other party.
2.    Enalyzer is entitled to assign its rights and obligations under the Subscription to any bona fide third parties.

13.  Venue and governing law

1.    Any disputes related to this Subscription, or agreements to which these terms of Subscription apply, shall be brought before the courts, with City Court of Copenhagen as the court of first instance.
2.    Danish substantive law shall apply.

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