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Enalyzing is about keeping your finger on the pulse. Check the temperature of your respondents with surveys, analyze your data, and share your knowledge in beautiful reports with anyone.

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    Create all the surveys you need and customize them fully. Invite respondents at your own pace through emails, links, and integration with other systems.

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    Use Enalyzer anytime, anywhere with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The interface and functionality remains the same so you’ll never need to download or update.

  • it’s alive!

    Create reports with a single click and experience knowledge at your fingertips. Share live reports online or download them as a PDF, Excel or ready-to-present PowerPoint.

All of it wrapped in a beautifully
designed web application.

100% mobile ready

We live in a mobile world, where people want to work and communicate all the time and anywhere. That’s why Enalyzer is 100% responsive, so you can access your surveys and reports anytime, anywhere and on any device! Without downloading an app, Enalyzer automatically adapts to all browsers, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, giving you, your respondents, and your report readers the same experience on any device.

An identical experience

A unique simplicity

The Enalyzer user experience is based on Danish design principles. Simplicity, minimalism and aesthetics merged with high functionality and quality. Bringing it all together in the interface, we provide you with a user-friendly and intuitive application that makes your work feel like play. 
Despite the clean interface, we do not compromise on functionality. You have all the features you need and when you need them, to produce high quality outputs in the form of professional surveys and reports. Hence the unique Enalyzer user experience is not only for you, but also for your respondents and report readers.

High Branding Value

The Enalyzer interface’s neutral design is meant to enhance your surveys and reports and give you complete control over your brand’s identity. You can easily dress up your surveys with your company’s colors, fonts, logo, and more. Plus, with Enalyzer’s modern and interactive design, you provide your users with a unique experience that they will attach to your brand.

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