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Our core competences are employee and customer satisfaction surveys, both with local and global projects. We handle everything from small response groups to large surveys with thousands of respondents. Projects are treated individually, depending on the company's wishes, and are based on our knowledge and professional concepts.

We also offer in-depth statistical analysis, management presentations, workshops and much more, to give your project value. We work from the perspective that surveys must be action-oriented and based on tested concepts tailored to each organization.

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Customer Surveys

Nothing matters quite as much as making sure your customers are happy. The real drivers of a successful business are happy and loyal customers, who willingly recommend your products and services to friends, family and co-workers. Happy customers are your true profit engine.

However, how do you know what your customers think and feel about the customer experience you offer? You only truly know this if your company regularly collects customer feedback in all points of contact.

Without customer feedback, your company can’t possibly meet your customers product/service needs and make sure that your customers are happy and stay happy.

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Ongoing transaction based surveys
Net Promoter Score

Other solutions

Citizen Surveys
Support Surveys
Meeting Evaluations
Course Evaluations
Website Evaluations

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Enalyzer Consulting works with proven methods and concepts based on recent research and literature, as well as practical experience from our diverse portfolio projects.

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Ongoing Customer Management Feedback

These surveys are about getting instant feedback from customers in different parts of your value chain. It varies from company to company which interactions with the customers are the most important. Once these touch points have been identified, Enalyzer Consulting can tailor-make a solution for you that includes questionnaires, automatic launch, automatic reminder, and other functions to ensure quick responses, and online reporting.

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Net Promoter Score and transaction based surveys with Close Loop

The most important thing about Net Promoter Score and transaction based surveys is to respond quickly to customer feedback. Enalyzer Consulting has developed a concept to ensure that you can respond quickly to customer feedback and register what is agreed with the customer. This is also called Close Loop.

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Employee Surveys

Enalyzer Consulting has developed concepts to measure the important points in relation to the employees in your organization. Via automated distribution and direct feedback via alerts your organization will be able to easily collect data and respond to the findings.

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highlighted solutions

employee surveys
3 in 1 surveys
leadership evaluation

Other solutions

Workplace Assessments
Employee Performance Appraisals
Employee Entry Surveys
Employee Exit Surveys
E-learning Evaluations

Employee survey

Enalyzer Consulting works with proven concepts supported by research from NFA, EEI, recent literature on employee engagement, and practical experience from our many annual projects.

Enalyzer Consulting work is based on a proven model that allows your organization to:
Use the Employee Net Promoter Score
Determine which interventions have most impact on employee satisfaction and commitment
Determine the efforts that have the most impact on employee satisfaction and engagement
Determine untapped efficiency potential in the organization - the efficient organization
Analyze correlations regarding sick leave

Enalyzer Consulting has developed a series of reports, which are easy to understand and makes it easy for the organization to act on the results.

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3 in 1 Survey

3 in 1 surveys, where for example, well-being, mental/physical workplace assessment, and manager evaluation are combined in a single survey.

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Leadership Evaluation

Enalyzer Consulting has extensive experience designing and implementing leadership evaluations. We always start with the organization's own management foundation and develop surveys and reports from this.

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Survey Services

Enalyzer Consulting offers Enalyzer users a wide range of consulting services, we offer all kinds of help in carrying out your research. We help by setting up schedules, preparing survey designs, ensuring the quality of your survey, ensuring the quality of your target respondents, distributing your survey, or creating your reports.

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Questionnaire check
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Questionnaire translation & setup
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paper-based data collection
Auto alerts
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